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Photo Log of Found Threshing Stones

Many Stones Have Now Been Found...
My quest for finding Threshing Stones has focused on central Kansas, but is also reaching around the world, many stones still exist on the stepps of the Ukraine, I have been to China and have evidence of stones there, and evidence exists of threshing stones throughout Europe and Northern Africa.
The Goal:
My log includes (but not shared on this web site) the current owner of the stone, the stones provenance, a photograph, it's location (including GPS coordinates), the current condition, number of teeth, and overall dimensions.
                  "It's a great day when I find a threshing stone"
It has been a lot of fun trying to compile the list of threshing stones, and it's a great day when I find a new one. It's also been great fun talking with individuals who now own a stone and learning about the provenance of each stone, I appreciate your support.